Classical lines and ballet vocabulary are the tools used to help students  overcome their preconceived limitations, and cultivate their own language in contemporary ballet.

David J. Amado´s Contemporary Ballet is an opportunity to transcend classical dance. It incorporates cultural traditions deeply rooted in the African diaspora, following the structure of a traditional ballet class.  Mobility of the spine and "groundedness" are the key components of the technique.

This fusion of the classical with the contemporary, and the European with the African Diasporic, creates an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome regardless of professional experience or background.

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David J. Amado brings Afro-Jazz, a distinct blend of jazz and contemporary dance techniques, infused with Latin-American and African nuances.

The focus is fluidity through the use of instinctive, organic and sensual movements.

The warm up is designed to awaken the senses and increase strength through awareness, breathing, body alignment and isolation.


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Floor Barre 18h/19h

Intermediate Ballet 19h15/20h45

Intermediate Pointe 21h/22h

Jazzy Saldanha



Floor Barre 17h45/18h45

Beginner Ballet 19h/20h30

Jazzy Entrecampos


Floor Barre 10h/11h

Intermediate Ballet 11h15/12h45

Jazzy Saldanha

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Floor Barre 18h15/19h15

Intermediate Ballet 19h30/21h00

Jazzy Santos