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C Ballet


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Classical lines and ballet vocabulary are the tools used to help students overcome their preconceived limitations, and cultivate their own language in contemporary ballet.

​​David J. Amado´s Contemporary Ballet is an opportunity to transcend classical dance. It incorporates cultural traditions deeply rooted in the African diaspora, following the structure of a traditional ballet class. Mobility of the spine and "groundedness" are the key components of the technique.
This fusion of the classical with the contemporary, and the European with the African Diasporic, creates an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome regardless of dance experience or background.

Classical Ballet


Classical dance should be used as a transformational tool to help us build confidence and self esteem by showing us that we all possess strength, grace and beauty.

David J. Amado's class follows the Vaganova (Russian) syllabus which places an emphasis on proper alignment, strength, rotation, aplomb and port de bras. Musicality and phrasing are key elements. 


Detailed, individualized attention is given to each and every student resulting not only in improved ballet technique, but also in deeper understanding of the dance form and the acquisition of ballet vocabulary.

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